Makhmur People’s Council: We don’t accept the oppression and occupation

10 ay önce
Reacting to the airstrikes of Turkey, people of Makhmur called on everyone to raise their voices against the attacks.
Yesterday evening Turkey carried out simultaneous air strikes against Shengal, Makhmur Refugee Camp and Dêrik district of Northern and Eastern Syria. The people of Makhmur gathered in front of the Martyr Hogir Hospital and protested the attacks.
Making a statement here, Makhmur People’s Council Co-chair Yusuf Kara condemned the simultaneous attacks on Makhmur, Shengal and Dêrik city of Northern and Eastern Syria. Kara said: “They bombed the vicinity of the camp. We have wounded people. We don’t know the exact number yet.  Reconnaissance planes still fly over the camp. We call on the Kurdish people and honorable Kurds to take a correct stance against these attacks. Be involved in the protests, we no longer accept this oppression and occupation. We will stand up against it.”
Drawing attention to the fact that the power was cut right before the attack, Kara said the power was back on after the air strike.
Mezopotamya Agency
editor Yazar Notu: