Mazloum Ebdi: Turkey’s attacks undermine the fight against ISIS

10 ay önce

SDF General Commander Mazlum Ebdi, who made a statement regarding Turkey’s attacks on Shengal, Derik and Mahmur, said that Turkey’s attacks undermined the fight against ISIS.

Mazlum Ebdi, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), made a statement on Turkey’s simultaneous attacks on Shengal, Derik and Mahmur from his virtual media account.

Ebdi said that the power plants were severely damaged in the attacks in Dêrik and emphasized that the Turkish state destroyed the public infrastructure in the region.

Reminding that many people lost their lives in the attacks, Ebdi said, “This attack means a declaration of war. It puts civilians in danger and undermines our fight against ISIS. “With the growing threat of terrorism, a large part of the responsibility for preventing such Turkish attacks rests with our Coalition partners,” he said.

editor Yazar Notu: