Reaction from the UN to the attacks: Civilians were targeted

10 ay önce

Reacting to Turkey’s air attack on Shengal and Mahmur, the UN Iraq Representative stated that civilians were targeted and lost their lives in the attacks.

The United Nations (UN) Iraq Representative made a statement regarding Turkey’s attacks on Shengal and Mahmur.

The Turkish state attacked Shengal and Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp with warplanes last night. In the attacks on 21 points in Shengal, 3 civilians lost their lives, one civilian was injured, and two people lost their lives in Maxmur. The Turkish state’s attacks on civilian areas continue to receive reactions from many different quarters.

In the statement made on its official twitter account, it was stated that civilians were targeted in the attacks carried out by Turkey and said, “Civilian casualties were experienced in the air strikes in Nineveh. We reiterate once again that Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must always be respected. The civilian population should be protected, and conflicts should be resolved through dialogue and cooperation.

editor Yazar Notu: