6-year-old Yezidi child dies in fire at Kurdistan Region displacement camp

10 ay önce

A six-year-old Yezidi child was killed when a fire broke out at a camp near Sheikhan in the Kurdistan Region’s Duhok province. The victim died in the Essian camp between Ba’adre and Sheikhan in Duhok province. “A six-year-old Yezidi girl died in her tent yesterday. The girl was meanwhile on her mattress in a deep […]

Top US, Rojava officials meet following ISIS attack

10 ay önce

US Acting Special Envoy to Syria John Godfrey and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Ethan Goldrich had a virtual meeting with northeast Syria’s (Rojava) military and political leadership on Friday, days after Kurdish forces announced victory over a major attack by the Islamic State (ISIS). “A/SE Godfrey and DAS Goldrich met virtually with SDF and […]