Reaction from the UN to the attacks: Civilians were targeted

10 ay önce

Reacting to Turkey’s air attack on Shengal and Mahmur, the UN Iraq Representative stated that civilians were targeted and lost their lives in the attacks. The United Nations (UN) Iraq Representative made a statement regarding Turkey’s attacks on Shengal and Mahmur. The Turkish state attacked Shengal and Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp with warplanes […]

Two lost their lives in Makhmur amid Turkish shelling

10 ay önce

It has been learned that two people lost their lives in the air attack carried out by Turkey last night on the Makhmur Refugee Camp. Turkey simultaneously bombed Shengal, Makhmur Refugee Camp and the villages of the Northern and Eastern Syrian city of Dêrik for hours yesterday evening. It was learned that two people lost […]

Makhmur People’s Council: We don’t accept the oppression and occupation

10 ay önce

Reacting to the airstrikes of Turkey, people of Makhmur called on everyone to raise their voices against the attacks. Yesterday evening Turkey carried out simultaneous air strikes against Shengal, Makhmur Refugee Camp and Dêrik district of Northern and Eastern Syria. The people of Makhmur gathered in front of the Martyr Hogir Hospital and protested the […]

Demand for an investigation commission against pressure on Kurdish press

10 ay önce

HDP Deputy Nuran Imir, who brought the pressure on Kurdish media organizations to the agenda of the Parliament, demanded the establishment of an investigation commission. Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Şırnak Deputy Nuran İmir submitted a research proposal to the Parliament regarding the pressure on Kurdish media outlets. In the motion emphasizing that the pressure on […]

Şenyaşar family demanding justice for 327 days

10 ay önce

Continuing the sit-in demanding justice, Şenyaşar family said: “Those who committed crimes against humanity are prisoners in the conscience of society, even though the judiciary cannot hold them accountable.” Emine Şenyaşar, who lost her husband and two sons in a massacre carried out by the AKP Deputy İbrahim Halil Yıldız’s bodyguards and relatives on 14 […]

Rojava writer uses ‘soft power’ to get his voice heard

10 ay önce

“Words are powerful,” Jan Dost recently told Kurdistan 24, adding that he tries to tell the world the roots of the Kurdish people and history through his writing. Famed writer Jan Dost, much like the Syrian Kurdish city where he’s from, Kobani, has suffered a lot. Channeling that suffering, he uses his soft power to […]

Top US, Rojava officials meet following ISIS attack

10 ay önce

US Acting Special Envoy to Syria John Godfrey and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Ethan Goldrich had a virtual meeting with northeast Syria’s (Rojava) military and political leadership on Friday, days after Kurdish forces announced victory over a major attack by the Islamic State (ISIS). “A/SE Godfrey and DAS Goldrich met virtually with SDF and […]

SDF Commander: Let’s prosecute ISIS together

10 ay önce

SDF General Command Member Newroz Ehmed, who stated that they launched an operation against “sleeper cells” after the ISIS attack in Hesekê, called for the establishment of an international court for ISIS members. The Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched an operation after the ISIS attack on the Sinaa Prison in […]

Voice of Kurdistan started broadcasting

3 sene önce

The “Voice of Kurdistan” website, which will share news and information in Kurdish, Turkish, English, Persian and Arabic languages, has started its publication life. “Voice of Kurdistan” Kurdistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will broadcast news in 5 different languages.